What a great time we had at the
2015 Stupid Brothers Open in Kelowna. 

Thanks so much to the 100 people plus who attended part or all of it.
We haven't changed a bit over 40 years. Well, maybe a little. But not our capacity to enjoy a night out on the town. Mickie's set a record for sales on Friday night that had stood for 8 years. Congratulations! They also said we were their favorite group that comes there. Respectful, considerate and generous haha. 
A special thanks to our sponsors and there were many especially Jimy MacIntyre for the buckle, Danny and Shelley for the shirts and the many who contributed to the special buckles for Roddy and Jimmy T. Thanks also to Jimmy Leavans for some great pics which are downloaded here. He made us look awesome.
Forty years of memories. Let's stay in touch
"We would like to thank everyone  who helped out with the Stupid Brothers Open!
It would not have happened without all of your support and contribution.
The buckles were a nice surprise! It meant a lot to us.
Thanks for your friendship!"
JT and RT

Jim Thomas & Rod Thomas
Stupid Brothers Open



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